Our Mission

We aim to preserve the lives of those affected by skin cancer, promote prevention and skills in the self-detection of skin cancer. Due to our expertise and ability to treat on the spot, we will help you avoid unnecessary referral to regional and capital city health services.

We work with local, state and federal goverments, employers and community organisations providing skin cancer checks and treatment in local communities, nursing homes and on-site in workplaces.

Consequent with our mission we strive to offer an affordable service with the aid of these organisations. We can travel to any location and provide our services to where it is needed most.

The people we work for




    Many communities exist that have difficulty in attracting General Practitioners let alone Plastic and Skin Cancer surgeons. Many patients would need to travel long distances just to see a GP for a diagnosis and then another trip back for treatment or if out of the expertise of the GP then referral to a regional centre where surgeons can be found.

    Ours will be a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service on location on the day. The communities which would have the greatest demand would be those in more northern latitudes, those with industry requiring work in direct sunlight and those without a local General Practitioner in close proximity. Prime examples would include rural farming communities, coastal communities where swimming and fishing are regular pastimes or occupations.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with any key stakeholders who may be interested in organising community clinics and are not limited by any specific organisational body. We look forward to working hand in hand with:

    Local Government – State Government – Federal Government – Industry Organisations Mining industry organisations – Country Women’s Association – Farming Industry Organisations Corporate Industry – Local Communities




    The Corporate sector comprises over 2 million trading businesses. One of the key objectives of many employers is workplace health and safety. This is particularly relevant for employers of outside workers who will be highly susceptible to an increased rate of skin cancer due to increased exposure to UV radiation from sunlight.

    In addition to this, many employers look to ways they can add value to their employees through health initiatives delivered at the workplace. The take up rate generally from staff who are offered an on site skin cancer check is approximately 80% (compared to on site influenza vaccination programs which attract 45%) showing the popularity of such a program.

    At The Skin Cancer Doctor, our goal is to establish long term relationships with employers, helping them to add massive value to their employees. The ultimate in value add is in saving lives from deadly skin cancer.




        The mining sector which contributes to 5.6% of the GDP of Australia and employs approximately 120000 employees or approximately 2% of the total labour force.

        Given the large proportion of employees who work in an outdoor environment, one of the key goals of any Workplace Health and Safety Team is the management of UV exposure in an effort to prevent skin cancer.

        The cornerstone of this strategy is the education of employees in both prevention and detection of skin cancer. At The Skin Cancer Doctor, we have a thorough video education program deliverable online to assist employers. Now for the first time, there is an option to deliver onsite surgical management of skin cancer at the time of detection. A complete start to finish program of prevention, detection and management.

        Another directive for mining companies is the investment in the local community through financial contribution to deliver projects which address educational, economic and social needs of communities and that will be sustainable in the long term.

        Support for the health of the local community is achieved via the following:

        • Empowering families and communities to take charge of health challenges, build resilience and integrate health and safety initiatives in the home
        • Support parity between regional and metropolitan health services and amenities including targeting community health equipment and resources
        • Show leadership in promoting preventative health strategies and programs that address key health issues, including mental health and family health.

        The Skin Cancer Doctor is in prime position to deliver this same campaign of education in prevention and detection of skin and surgical management at the time of detection. We welcome the opportunity to work with Mining companies and their local communities and in practical terms we can organise community based clinics to run in conjunction with the same clinics as run onsite at the Mining company itself.

        Age Care Facilities


        Nursing Homes

        There currently are many challenges providing quality continuity of care to residents of nursing homes. The GP currently is the cornerstone of residential care but providing skin cancer services outside of the doctor’s own practice is difficult.

        With increasing age, skin cancer rates continue to climb. The Skin Cancer Doctor is perfectly equipped to visit aged care facilities and provide skin cancer checks, diagnosis and surgical management all on site.

        We are happy to work with existing GPs and nursing staff to coordinate on site clinics and to perform any surgical management on site. Where patients are mobile we can consult in the treatment room but are able to visit patients in their rooms if they are immobile. We are able to provide one off services in Metropolitan areas where travel is minimal or where we are travelling to rural and remote area we can coordinate a nursing home clinic in that particular local area.




            The government sector which includes The Australian Public Service employ over 40,000 employees nationwide. Many government departments are regular engagers in on site skin cancer checks for similar reasons to above and are not under the same financial stringency as the private sector. Indeed this will be much more likely where community clinics will be run concurrently.

            High Risk Groups

            • Communities under serviced by doctors
            • Age over 50
            • Farming communities
            • Fishing communities
            • Communities where outdoor leisure activity is popular ie coastal towns, beaches, outdoor sports, surfing, etc.
            • Communities where employment is focused in sun exposed areas ie mining, farming, construction, landscaping, council workers, etc.


            The Skin Cancer Doctor provides comprehensive and professional skin cancer services to local communities in rural and remote areas of Australia. We can have a physician set up a temporary clinic either on a regular basis or as a once-off in any community multi-purpose centre.

            All of our clinics are comprehensive skin cancer clinics offering 15 minute consultations for full body skin checks with a dermatoscope, as well as treatment offered for any suspicious lesions detected.

            If you think
            your community could benefit
            from our services, send us a message!
            No town is too big or small.