Education & Prevention

Here you can learn some basic skin cancer information. Since prevention can save precious time, we provide you with some education and tools to help you take care of your skin.

Visit our blog entries to find out various precautions you should be taking to prevent skin cancer, how to perform a check on yourself or others and more useful information on skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Doctor acquires the leader in workplace skin screening

  The Skin Cancer Doctor has acquired Skin Patrol, the Australian market leader in workplace skin cancer screening. First to market  Skin Patrol was founded in 2004 by Marion Patrick (Practice Manager), her daughter Dr Tanya Holt (Oncologist) and her son Sam Holt (Marketing, Business Development). First to market, Skin Patrol established themselves as the…


How to check your skin for skin cancer

We recommend that you self-check your skin at least every three months and see a professional for a skin cancer check every year. Share with your doctor any changes that you have noticed between professional checks.  Our small team is passionate about helping communities gain better access to specialist health care and skin cancer services.…


5 Myths about Skin Cancer that need to go

Skin Cancer is among the most common types of Cancers. It can be fatal, of course, but one of the key things to know is that early detection is fundamental. So in order to reduce potential risks, we think awareness is the previous vital step. Through awareness on what can and can not cause cancer,…


Doctor’s Lingo: understanding cancer makes it easier

A doctor’s appointment may feel scary for many of us, and it’s even scarier when we’re potentially dealing with Skin Cancer. At The Skin Cancer Doctor, we want to contribute to your understanding of “what the doctor says” since we can all be afraid or even forget to ask if we are anxious while talking…


Alarming numbers, simple solutions

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Sunburn causes 95% of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. An estimated 145,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year, with that number set to rise to 150,000 by 2020. The problem gets even worse when…


The Sun Still Shines in Winter

Winter is coming, yet contrary to popular belief you’re not much safer from skin cancer than you are in summer. Let us explain: When talking about skin cancer people tend to go to the usual suspects and think about sun exposure. Therefore when wintertime arrives, especially on cold or snowy days we tend to forget…


How to perform a Self Skin Cancer Check

To prevent skin cancer or any similar disease, performing self skin checks is a good habit that will help you detect any cancer sign and consult a skin physician to have it treated on time! We pray “Prevention saves lives” and we encourage people to take this practice as a regular part of their health…


Our services: On-site skin check and treatment clinics

  The Skin Cancer Doctor is a network of highly skilled Skin Cancer Physicians that provides tailor-made on-site skin cancer clinics that can both diagnose and treat skin cancer. We offer a complete start to finish service of skin cancer prevention, detection and management. Our job is to assist communities and corporations all over Australia…


Sun Safety at Work

Skin cancer in Australia account for the highest rates in the world; with outdoor workers amongst the highest risk group.  While there have been improvements over the years, many workplaces are still failing to protect their workers from sun damage.  According to the 2016 SHARC Report, there has been a growing trend with Australians in…


Surgery – a craft

Skin cancer surgery and surgery of many types, to many doctors is a true art and a passion. For me, surgery is an enjoyable craft where you are able to combine creativity and motor skills with the ultimate goal of curing someone of cancer and potentially saving one’s life. The creativity component comes in the…


Al Bino Project

In 2009, I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Al Bino project, which was put together by Cancer Council NSW. This project was targeted at adolescents, as Cancer Council NSW had discovered quite alarming, declining rates of sun-safe behaviour amongst this group. They worked with Naked Communications to create the…


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