We recommend you self-check your skin every three months between professional skin cancer checks. This short video explains how to thoroughly check your skin and what to look out for. If you notice anything suspicious, please see your doctor immediately. For more details, please see our blog about self-checks.

A comprehensive skin cancer check is $160, and you will receive a $39.10 rebate from Medicare.

We aim to keep our fees reasonable and the same for everyone. We do not bulk bill appointments or offer discounts, but we do have DVA coverage in the case that applies to you.

When receiving face-to-face care, your health care provider:

  • will follow all hygiene protocols
  • will stay 1.5 metres from you unless checking your skin
  • may or may not wear protective gear, depending on the situation. If they do, it does not mean they are unwell.

We ask that you let our team know before your appointment about any cold or flu-like symptoms. If you feel unwell, please wear a mask on the day of your appointment or contact us beforehand to reschedule.

Please visit the booking page on our website (www.theskincancerdoctor.com.au) to book an appointment or call our team on 1300 754 637.

The doctor may biopsy or excise skin cancer during a skin check appointment. This surgery may cost more, but usually, the out-of-pocket expenses (after receiving the Medicare rebate) is similar to the cost of a skin cancer check.

Cryotherapy treatments are bulk billed to Medicare.

The Skin Cancer Doctor is a small private business that travels to each regional and rural location with our medical equipment. We charge a reasonable fee for our services to help us cover our costs. We do not receive funding or financial support from the government or other sources.

Usually, one doctor and one nurse are present during your appointment. The doctor conducts the skin cancer check.

A skin cancer check appointment takes approximately 15 minutes. If you undergo treatment, it will take longer (allow 45 minutes).

Usually one person – the doctor who conducts the skin cancer check. A nurse is on hand to assist if required.

You may take a family member or friend to your appointment as a chaperone, as long as Covid-19 restrictions permit.

We recommend you wear loose-fitted clothing. Undergoing a full-body skin check usually involves removing clothing down to your underwear.

Yes. It is best to take your Medicare card to your appointment in case any documents need to be signed.

Yes. Children are welcome to get a skin cancer check-up.

Skin cancer becomes more prevalent after the age of 15 years. This is when we advise children at increased risk of developing skin cancer to start getting regular skin cancer checks.

Regular professional skin cancer checks are vital for anyone, as they pinpoint early signs of skin diseases (such as melanoma) before they advance.

We recommend all adults self-check their skin every three months and have a professional skin cancer check at least once a year.

For self-checks, please remember to ask a friend to check for any suspicious spots behind your ears, on your scalp and on the back of your legs and back. We have guidelines on our website to help you.

Yes. Tattoo ink can make it difficult to check for skin cancer, which makes it more important to get a professional skin cancer check.

Yes. Patients may bring a friend or family member into their appointment if they wish. Due to COVID-19, this is only allowed if restrictions are not in place.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please call us beforehand on 1300 754 637 or email admin@theskincancerdoctor.com.au.

We can add you to our notification list and will let you know via email when we will be back in your town.

Yes. One of our friendly team can add you to our cancellation list. Please call us on 1300 754 637 or email admin@theskincancerdoctor.com.au.

We will notify you via email when we’ll be back in your area.

At The Skin Cancer Doctor skin cancer checks:

  1. When you book, you will receive confirmation about the time and place of your appointment.
  2. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. One of our nurses or doctors will greet you and show you to a private room. We recommend you dress down to your underwear so we can complete a full-body skin check.
  3. The doctor will speak with you about any particular concerns you have and thoroughly review your skin using a tool called a dermatoscope. The doctor may also take photos of suspicious lesions for treatment or future checks.
  4. If the doctors find any suspicious lesions, with your consent, they will biopsy or surgically remove the lesions either that day or at another allocated time and day.
  5. If you receive treatment, the doctors will provide you with guidelines about caring for the affected area.
  6. The doctors will provide you with feedback. If you have received treatment, they will also send a referral letter to your regular GP. This letter explains the procedures done and if further follow-up is required.