Thank you for referring to The Skin Cancer Doctor. We endeavour to work in
collaboration with local GP’s in each location we visit.
Our presence encourages community members to have a regular annual skin check,
and as many of our clinics are spaced three months apart, we are happy to refer
simple excisions & skin cancer treatment back to local GPs for ongoing treatment of
their patients.

Receiving a comprehensive referral with the below entailed items, ensures enough
time is allocated to treat each patient’s presenting concern on the day, avoids
unnecessary costs for patients, and enables us to manage our time effectively
throughout each day.

We request the following photos of the suspect lesion – This can often be delegated
to your Registered Nurse if time constraints are an issue.

1. The lesion
– This does NOT need to be dermoscopic.
– Please ensure all facial lesions are not covered by makeup, & that hair is
pulled back from the face gently.

2. Medial, lateral, & anterior OR posterior photos of the
anatomical position
(see images for example)

3. Anticipated surgical margin/excision plan
– This is not essential though is appreciated
– This also counts as pre-counselling for your patient’s excision

4. Where possible, we ask that biopsies be taken prior to your
patient’s appointment with us.

Referrals and phhoto’s can be sent to