Surgical Assistant

Employment opportunity regularly presents for highly motivated Nurses, Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistant with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a high level of clinical accumen.

The role entails the running of Skin Cancer clinics in varying locations across Australia within corporate or community sites. Working alongside an experienced Skin Cancer Physician, the Nurse will ensure streamlined throughput of patients through the clinic, assistance in set up of surgical procedures, performing of simple biopsies and simple wound closure (subject to level of expertise, training and the doctor’s willingness), wound dressing post procedure and patient education in post operative management.

Employment with The Flying Skin Cancer Doctor will afford the following opportunities:

  • remuneration in line with the top of the Nursing market
  • opportunity to travel to many varied and wide exotic locations, highly rewarding work
  • opportunity to assist in simple to complex surgical procedures
  • a highly organised clinical and administrative team supporting behind the scenes to ensure smooth clinical service delivery
  • working alongside Skin Cancer Physician with a high level of surgical experience prompt remuneration
  • opportunity to make a real difference, diagnosis and immediate treatment of skin cancer
  • immediate remote support from the Principal via phone or skype
  • opportunity for upskilling and regular training, to ensure that the demands of working in a surgical clinic in rural and remote communities are met

To apply, please send resume here: