Many communities exist that have difficulty in attracting General Practitioners let alone Plastic and Skin Cancer surgeons. Many patients would need to travel long distances just to see a GP for a diagnosis and then another trip back for treatment or if out of the expertise of the GP then referral to a regional centre where surgeons can be found. Our service will be a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service on location on the day. The communities which would have the greatest demand would be those in more northern latitudes, those with industry requiring work in direct sunlight and those without a local General Practitioner in close proximity. Prime examples would include rural farming communities, coastal communities where swimming and fishing are regular pastimes or occupations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with any key stakeholders who may be interested in organising community clinics and are not limited by any specific organisational body. We look forward to working hand in hand with:

  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Federal Government
  • Industry Organisations
  • Mining industry organisations
  • Country Women’s Association
  • Farming Industry Organisations
  • Corporate Industry
  • Local Communities