Working amongst our large network of Skin Cancer Physicians will afford you the following opportunity:

  • remuneration in line with the top of the locum market
  • opportunity to travel to many varied and wide exotic locations
  • opportunity to perform simple to complex surgical procedures
  • opportunity to engage in dermatoscopy with state of the art equipment
  • a highly organised clinical and administrative team supporting behind the scenes to ensure smooth clinical service delivery
  • well trained nurses to assist in clinic
  • prompt remuneration
  • opportunity to make a real difference, diagnosis and immediate treatment of skin cancer
  • potential opportunity to train General Practitioner Registrar or Procedural trainees (optional)
  • immediate remote support from the Principal via phone or skype
  • immediate remote support from an Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon if required
  • regular communication amongst all Doctors within the organisation
  • opportunity for upskilling and regular training

At The Flying Skin Cancer Doctor, we employ only the best Skin Physicians with expertise in simple to complex skin cancer management and surgery. As we cover the whole of Australia, we will have a network of Doctors from all States to ensure geographical coverage. All potential candidates should have extensive experience and competency in performing the following:

  • skin cancer checking and diagnosis using the latest evidence based dermatoscopic tecnique
  • biopsy including punch, shave, excision
  • surgical excisions including the use of curretage/diathermy, flaps, full thickness and split skin grafting
  • surgical repair, generally in 2 layers and in particular regular use of absorbable sutures to minimise post operative management
  • high level competency in the management of all skin cancers and ability to engage in tertiary referral as appropriate

This level of expertise would sit with the likes of an experienced dedicated Skin Cancer Clinic Physician, General Practitioner with procedural experience or General/Plastic Surgical Registrar.

To apply, please forward resume here: