If you are a remote community clinic interested in bringing our service to your facility, we would like to hear from you. Here are some frequently asked questions which you might find useful.


What is the Flying Skin Cancer Doctor?

The Flying Skin Cancer Doctor is a network of highly skilled Skin Cancer Physicians who travel to metropolitan, regional, rural and remote locations delivering a start to finish skin cancer diagnostic and treatment service to patients and clients at a high risk of developing skin cancer.


What is your target market?

The target market of the Flying Skin Cancer Doctor is primarily people at high risk of skin cancer in rural and remote regions. This includes people over 50, people in farming communities, mining communities, northern latitude communities, coastal communities, communities where there is a shortage of regular doctor or specialist coverage, communities which are a long distance from regional health services and areas where people may generally work out in the sun.


What set up does the doctor require in our facility?

The doctor will bring his own equipment, computer and printer and usually his own assistant. He requires a basic, clean and tidy 2 room type medical clinic with good lighting, a sink, power points, trolley, desk and examination couch.


How does the doctor run his clinics?

The medical facility that the doctor will be using for his clinic will make patient appointments for the time that the doctor will be visiting or patients can book online. Appointments will be back to back 15 minute slots and time will be made for any patients with suspicious lesions detected to return either later the same day or the following day in most cases for a biopsy or surgical removal. Pathology will be taken back to Brisbane for reporting if there is no available courier service for the area.


How does this service bill?

If funding is provided, the patients will be bulk billed through medicare. If there is no funding provided, the patient will be privately billed.


What type of funding do you use?

Funding is sourced from local councils, Primary Healthcare Network, corporate organisations, community funding or individual patients.


How can I book?

Patient bookings can be made online or through the hosting facility close to you. .

If you are a community facility that would like to host one of our clinics, please email alan@theskincancerdoctor.com.au or use our contact page.