Onsite Clinic

This is a basic outline of how we will conduct our clinics either in a community setting or a corporate/workplace environment.

• Communication/education with relevant stakeholder

• Date set for clinic days to be held at a suitable premise

• Online appointment schedule established wth login details provided to relevant organisation

• Appointments made directly by patients or staff members online with an email confirmation of the booking, demographic data is collected to be imported into the doctor’s clinical software

• At clinic, the patient will be greeted by the doctor’s clinical assistant and shown through to a private room where the patient will be encouraged to dress down to their underwear

• The doctor will perform a thorough visual and dermatoscopic skin check

• If any suspicious lesions are found, with the patients consent, the lesion will be biopsied or surgically removed, either at the time or at an alloted time later in the day or the next day

• Feedback will be fed back to the patient and if relevant a letter will be provided to the patient’s GP outlining any procedures performed or any further follow up that may be required

• Education will be provided on self management of the biopsy/excision site and a plan will be made for suture removal if required

• In some cases a patient may be referred directly to a hospital or specialist but every effort will be made to manage any cases on the day without referral

• A de-identified report outlining the number of cancer’s diagnosed, biopsies performed and excisions performed will be provided to the employer/community health director