Medical Exam

Here we outline some of the options your doctor may implement. This will give you a better understanding of what may be involved for you in diagnosing or treating your skin cancer.

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Young mother applying sunscreen on her kid

A great way to prevent skin cancer is through early detection and treatment. This is especially important for employees who spend prolong periods of time working outdoors.

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Woman Applying Sunscreen Protection Cream Against Turquoise Caribbean Sea Water And Blue Sky

Using sunscreen is just one of many approaches we can take to protect ourselves from the dangers of sunlight. This should be used in conjunction with other protective measures such as sun protective clothing and staying indoors or out of the sun during peak sunshine hours in the day.

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Doctor Examining Pigmented Skin
Skin Cancer and Lesions

A lesion is an area of tissue within an organism that has suffered damage or abnormal changes due to injury or disease. A lesion can present as various benign (harmless) and malignant (harmful) lumps and bumps on the skin.


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