Skin Cancer Surgery Online

Coming Soon: We are excited to announce the imminent launch of “Skin Cancer Surgery Online”. An online education platform designed for doctors tailored to cost effectively teach all there is to know about the Surgical Management of Skin Cancer, specifically tailored for Australian Doctors.


Case Study 1

  This gentleman was seen for a routine appointment for a general skin check. He had had a large naevus (mole) on his abdomen which had been checked for years at his routine skin checks. On his most recent check, the mole looked different to usual and displayed some atypical features both clinically and particularly…

Two Worker Watching The Power Tower

Sun Safety at Work

Skin cancer in Australia account for the highest rates in the world; with outdoor workers amongst the highest risk group.  While there have been improvements over the years, many workplaces are still failing to protect their workers from sun damage.  According to the 2016 SHARC Report, there has been a growing trend with Australians in…

Hand Of Doctor Holding Scalpel

Surgery – a craft

Skin cancer surgery and surgery of many types, to many doctors is a true art and a passion. For me, surgery is an enjoyable craft where you are able to combine creativity and motor skills with the ultimate goal of curing someone of cancer and potentially saving one’s life. The creativity component comes in the…